Long Before KRS-One Stepped to PM Dawn, Melle Mel Bumrushed Him On Stage (Video)

Last night, TV and radio personality Sway was a guest for the second time on FOX’s series Empire, and he made an inside reference for Hip-Hop Heads, regarding KRS-One and PM Dawn. Fans of KRS undoubtedly recognized Sway’s passing comment as a nod to an infamous incident in 1993 when Kris rushed the stage during a PM Dawn performance in New York City, forced PM Dawn off and then launched into three Boogie Down Production’s songs. KRS-One’s actions were in response to remarks Dawn’s Prince Be had made in an issue of Details magazine, where Be said “KRS-One wants to be a teacher, but a teacher of what?” While many fans are familiar with the BDP/PM Dawn incident, Heads might not realize that KRS, himself, was actually bumrushed on stage 6 years prior, by his idol, Melle Mel.

In a rarely seen video, an animated KRS-One detailed the event. He painted a vivid picture of a night in 1987 at New York’s hallowed club the Latin Quarter, where Boogie Down Productions had been booked to performed. He spoke about Melle Mel, the man with “The Message,” attending the show and walking through the crowd challenging any and every MC present to battle. When there were no takers, Mel decided to get on stage, uninvited, in the middle of BDP’s performance and challenge Kris to a battle. KRS was shocked that has idol would step to him like that but, as his actions with PM Dawn would show years later, he was not one to shy away from a challenge. What happened after was a chapter in Hip-Hop history. Watch as KRS-One tells the story.

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