The Weeknd & Eminem Use Virtual Reality to Show Just How Explosive Their Remix Is (Video)

Earlier this month, a remix of The Weeknd’s smash “The Hills” surfaced with a verse from Eminem. That version was quickly pulled and all that remained were sped up, slowed down and otherwise altered versions. Now, The Weekend has dropped the official release, and he’s upped the ante by making it a virtual reality video experience.

Viewers who either watch the video via the Google Chrome browser, or the most recent version of the YouTube app on mobile, are able to manipulate the video for a full 360 degree experience. There are multiple explosions and other chaos that take place throughout, as the viewer adjusts the camera to survey the scene from various vantage points. Desktop users can control the camera using a mouse on the arrows appearing on the video. Mobile viewers can control the angles by moving their phones around (best on wi-fi). Take a look at what is assuredly the future of video.