Apathy Has A Message For The Posers: “Rap Is Not Pop” (Audio)

After releasing over 50 songs in 2015 with his EP Weekend At The Cape and his double-disc compilation album The Black Lodge, Apathy is already gearing up for a strong 2016 with the first single off his upcoming album Handshakes With Snakes. The Demigodz/Army of the Pharaohs MC is attacking all the Pop influence in modern day Rap music with the straightforward title: “Rap Is Not Pop.”

The song is filled with sharp rhymes, in-pocket flows and visual metaphors as Apathy spits “it’s like Pop is a poison in the form of a pill, you understand the risks but you[‘re] taking it still.” Apathy targets everything from rappers wearing dresses to get attention, having no sense of culture to the over-exposure of Pop-based Rap music. The message here is buying into Pop standards can gain an artist exposure, but it dissects the culture out of Hip-Hop music. Listen to the track below:

Do you think Pop influence is destroying Rap music?

#BonusBeat: Here’s the song with DJ Premier Apathy references in the second verse, off his 2011 album Honkey Kong:

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