KRS-One Dismantles A Fan That Challenged Him To A Battle (Video)

This past weekend (November 21), KRS-One performed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There, Kris (who has a new album releasing this week) rocked a bill that also included Rakim, Ras Kass, Domingo, DJ JS-1, among others. While performing his set at the Greater Pittsburgh Coliseum, KRS-One welcomed one fan from the crowd to freestyle on stage. That fan, apparently was out to diss, and in turn, battled the Boogie Down Productions founder. The crowd went nuts, and that show-goer soon left the stage to return to the front of the crowd. However, the battle was far from over…

Editor’s Note: The original video has been removed from YouTube. Below is another video, which begins after the fan was on stage, battling KRS-One:

In a video originally shared on Facebook by Domingo, KRS responded—just as Heads would expect him to. The Bronx, New Yorker called out the bucket hat-wearing fan for using some MC Shan rhymes, for being disrespectful, and for just being—in his eyes—wack. Kris used a slow flow, and seemingly went off of the dome in attacking the concert goer, who still thinks he was best. The crowd went crazy, and even Ras Kass and Domingo are shown for a brief second, watching KRS-One prove that rappers are still in danger!

In those bars, KRS-One also seemingly called LL Cool J “wack,” after mentioning that his particular fan was jocking L’s style. Do you think this particular line, caught on phones, will inspire two giants of the 1980s and 1990s to get at each other in the 2010s?

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Make sure you stay up on Domingo’s “That’s Hip-Hop” brand, with more information on his Facebook.

Knowing this approach helped KRS-One become a star in the mid-1980s, do you see these concert goers who diss the performers as Hip-Hop purists, or purely disrespectful?

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