Through Thick & Thin Puff Daddy & The LOX Still Make Great Music Together (Audio)

Last week, Puff Daddy released a surprise free album on his birthday (11/4) titled, MMMan ode to “Money Making Mitch,” from the film Paid In Full. While the entire project might not appeal to all, there are 2 tracks featuring some of his greatest proteges, that stand above the rest.

In addition to Pusha T, Lil Kim and King Los, “Everyday” and “Auction” feature contributions from Jadakiss and Styles P, 2/3 of The LOX group that Puff signed to his Bad Boy label back in 1995. While the group would only release one album with the iconic bratty kid logo, it would both propel them to new heights and help cement Diddy’s label as still credible in the streets in a post-Notorious B.I.G. world. As fans know, The LOX would depart in a sea of ill will that would endure for years, but as of late temperatures have thawed and the men have begun working together again. The results are strong enough to make one wonder what may have been had their relationship endured.

“Everyday (Amor),” featuring Styles, Jada, Pusha and Tish Hyman, is a soulful slow burn in the same vein as Jay-Z’s “Where I’m From,” whose dark and rumbling track had Diddy’s imprints, as it was constructed by his Hitmen producers Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie and Ron “Amen-Ra” Lawrence. “Auction,” which Diddy premiered on the BET Hip Hop Awards, picks up the pace with the kind of Harlem soul Puffy infused into Jay Z’s American Gangster LP. Both songs showcase the ear that has helped the birthday boy remain relevant in music for the better part of 25 years.

Perhaps the tracks are a taste of more to come from Puff Daddy/LOX 2.0. Take a listen to both below, and check out the entire MMM album here.


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