Tish Is the First Woman MC to Do the 5 Fingers of Death Freestyle. She CRUSHES It (Video)

Tish Hyman is a rare talent who is on the verge of exploding. The Bronx, NY artist is one of the select few who is equally and supremely gifted at both rapping and singing. Her single, “Subway Art,” showcases the latter more heavily, but do not be fooled. As an MC, Tish can GO.

What better way to test her skills than with Sway in the Morning’s 5 Fingers of Death freestyle challenge, where MCs are challenged to rap over 5 random beats? Sway put Tish on the spot and, without hesitation, she rhymed completely off the top for the better part of four minutes. What’s more, she had the honor of being the first woman to participate in the series.

Though the beats were random, Heads will recognize a medley of classic tracks from female MCs such as MC Lyte, Boss, Heather B and The Lady of Rage. Check out Tish’s performance and get used to her. She will be here for a while…

Also, here’s Tish’s full interview with Sway.

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