Forget Kris Kringle. Santa Claus is from Harlem & His Name is Cam’ron (Video)

Earlier this year, Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show brought in an unexpected Human Resources professional in a sketch responding to the summertime report that Amazon’s work conditions were horrible. Host Larry Wilmore introduced the sketch by explaining their desire to make sure the show’s offices weren’t committing the egregiously awful acts against employees that were allegedly taking place at the online superstore. Therefore, some changes had to be made, which involved bringing in a new head of HR. And who better to fit that role than Cam’ron, a personality loved for his “DGAF” attitude? Hilarity ensued.

Well, it’s the holiday season and once again, Wilmore et al have bestowed another Dipset-infused gift upon us in the form of Cam’ron in a Santa suit. The reason? Cast and crew of The Nightly Show need somebody to ask for gifts, right? As requests for hoverboards, video games, and world peace are hurled at Santa “Uptown” Claus, phrases like “I’m not your bitch,” “Get it yourself,” and “how the fuck would I fit that into my sleigh?” are hurled right back. Check out the video below to see Santa Cam in his full bootleg-DVD toting, weed-tokin’ “Bad Santa” glory.

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