Ghostface Killah Finally Chases Down Action Bronson…In A Video Game (Video)

Although it would be eclipsed by the subsequent high profile beef between Drake and Meek Mill, in mid-Summer, a verbal dust up occurred between Ghostface Killah and Action Bronson that seemed like it had been primed for years. While Bronson and Ghost worked together on 2011’s “Meteor Hammer,” the constant comparisons of Bronson’s tone and cadence to GFK’s decades-old distinctive style seem to wear on each man over time. Things reached a boiling point in July during an appearance on ESPN’s Sports Nation, when Bronson said of Ghost: “He’s not rappin’ like this no more” and “He needs something.” As social media erupted, Bronson quickly apologized via Twitter, calling Ghostface “ONE OF THE GREATEST TO EVER DO IT.”

The damage had been done, however, and nearly 10 days later, Ghost issued a video response that was unique to him in its off-color humor and verbal savagery. Ghost got deeply personal, saying things like “I’m too nasty for you. This is why the fuck you look up to me, and sound like me.” He also implied there could be physical consequences for Bronson’s words, closing with “Get your shit together, bro. I want you to enjoy your summer. Because a lot of people don’t make it through the summer.” After the vitriolic video, Bronson apologized once again, and Ghost immediately and summarily rejected it.

Since then, the two have been quiet, but that has not stopped game developers, Swamp Penguins, from lampooning the flare up and making sure it lives on perpetually, at least in the digital space. Their game, simply called “Ghostface Killah vs. Action Bronson, The Game,” allows players to assume the role of Bronson as he flees a terrifying ghost…that looks like Ghost. The game’s site lists the following description:

“The wonderful adventures of BronBron and the 36 chambers. Ghosts and ghouls and drugs and rap. Is the wu tang clan something to fuck with? Will mr.fabulous escape the clutches of the evil face that also happens to be a ghost? How hard will ghostface grab his nuts? What about the wu tang affiliates? Will killah beez come for dem kneez? Find out next time on Whats beef.”

Clearly, every aspect of the game is tongue in cheek. Hopefully, there’s enough distance between the incendiary exchange in the Summer, and this can serve as an end of the year humorous coda on 2015’s other major Hip-Hop beef. Take a look at a trailer for the video game below, and you can play it here.

Props on the spot: Ego Trip

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