Ghostface Killah Remixes The Weeknd For What May Be A Supreme Clientele 2 Preview (Audio)

In 2015, The Weeknd made an anthem out of “Can’t Feel My Face.” That’s an attitude and descriptive that Ghostface Killah knows about, since long before he made 2006’s “Kilo.” To close out the year, G.F.K. extends the practice he and Kanye West have for jumping on remixes. This time, Ghost’ takes on the West and Mike Dean-produced “Tell Your Friends,” from Weeknd’s #1-charting, gold-certified Beauty Behind The Madness.

On his rendition, Ghostface Killah kicks some smutty rhymes about between-the-sheets behavior, much aligned with his first two solo albums. It’s sexual and violent affair as the Wu-Tang Clan swordsmen adds his unmistakable flavor to a fan-favored album cut. Pitchfork states that this song will appear on the forthcoming Supreme Clientele 2 album.

While Ghostface Killah has remixed Amy Winehouse hits for More Fish, and sprinkled “New God Flow” with his own vocal seasonings for Cruel Summer, do you draw connection to G.F.K.’s year 2000 gold-certified LP in this?

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