Logic, Slug & Killer Mike Show All Hip-Hop Is Fruit From The Same Tree (Audio)

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There’s a lot of intolerance in Hip-Hop these days. The youth are accused of having a lack of respect for the history of the culture, and Heads who are older often look down on current Hip-Hop, glorifying the past and incorrectly lumping all of today’s music together. The truth is, there has always been a diverse array of Hip-Hop, some good, some bad, some serious, some light, in every era, and it all has it’s place.

On “Tree Of Life,” Logic addresses this concept. He says he read something from Minneapolis group, Atmosphere, which spoke about music we love and music we hate. The passage inspired him to reflect on the different aspects of Hip-Hop and how divisive those differences have become. He raps “so much division my vision is faded. We all from the same tree, but you leaves degrade it, judging the different branches of music that elevate it.” He goes further, asserting that different does not mean inferior: “Just ‘cause it’s further from the roots don’t mean that you should hate it, ‘cause it’s a time and place for everything that’s been created.”

Logic recruits Atmosphere’s MC Slug to build on the point, and he is joined by Killer Mike who extols the virtues not only of different tranches of Hip-Hop (his vs. that of 8Ball & MJG and UGK), but also varied forms of music, from the Georgia Mass Choir to Aretha Franklin, saying “what God has brought together let no man break apart.” Take a listen.

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