M-Dot May Be The First MC To Release A 360° Video. It’s A Lyrical Terror Dome (Video)

Hip-Hop videos have come a long way since The Sugarhill Gang released a performance visual to 1979’s “Rapper’s Delight.” Budgets have reached the millions with some visuals, while others have tapped the shoulders of Hollywood directors and stars (and some San Fernando Valley stars). Technology has also lit the path to artists, especially in Hip-Hop, making more and more videos.

Boston, Massachusetts veteran MC M-Dot may be in on the ground-floor of something. The front man of The EMS released a 360° music video for his single, “123 Flow.” Shot specially, viewers can “pan-and-scan” interactively during the visual (in most browsers) and the collaborator to Method Man, M.O.P., and Masta Ace bulldozes through the beat with didactic bars to make the visual technology somehow compete. This may be the future, and M-Dot plans on being there. His 2016 LP, Ego & The Enemy will reportedly feature tracks by Hi-Tek, Marley Marl, and D.I.T.C.’s Buckwild.

Two additional versions of “123 Flow” are said to be on the way.

What opportunities do you see for Hip-Hop with this technology?

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