Rick Ross Gets Livid About Billboard’s Disrespect of Tupac (Video)

Rick Ross joined The Breakfast Club for one of his rawest and most spirited interviews in years. Ross was so forthright that, by the end of the conversation, Charlemagne The God referred to him as “fearless.” The MMG boss discussed a number of topics and did not mince words.

Not wasting any time, Charlemagne begins the discussion by asking about Ross’ recent song “Color Money” and whether some of the song’s lyrics were aimed at Drake and Birdman, as many have speculated (:45). Ross is somewhat evasive, initially, saying the record “is what it is” and was subject to different interpretation by different people. Shortly thereafter, however, Ross becomes very clear that he will not allow others to take shots at MMG without repercussion. The conversation evolves to include Birdman and his ongoing dispute with Lil Wayne and Ross is explicit about his lack of respect for how Birdman has handled the situation (3:10).

Discussion of Meek Mill’s dispute with Drake shifts to a conversation about ghost writing, generally (8:36). Ross is forthright about his being a ghostwriter for a number of artists, though he does not name names. He does not have a problem with the practice and says he’s in favor of anything that leads to the output of good music.

Later, DJ Envy asks about the status of Meek Mill and Wale, Ross’ MMG artists who’ve had a publicly volatile relationship over the years (11:59). Ross says that while there may be disagreements from time to time, the two continue to work together on songs, perform together and are MMG to the core. He likens their relationship to that of brothers who may squabble from time to time but the bond remains in tact.

In perhaps the most charged portion of the conversation, Ross addresses Billboard’s recent omission of Tupac from the publication’s 10 Best Rappers of All Time list (17:10). Ross is clearly incensed, as he goes on an expletive-laden tirade, saying “anything without Tupac on it. ANYTHING. How dare you. They should be reprimanded.” He talks about the impact of Tupac’s death, remembering the hardest men in the streets of Miami crying when it happened. He goes on to passionately speak not only about Pac’s importance to Hip-Hop, but Biggie’s, as well, saying “I can’t say ‘Big’ without saying ‘Pac’ and I won’t say it…They made the culture.” He closes a nearly 5-minute discussion of the issue by ranking each of the two MCs as equally the greatest of all time and says they continue to inspire him and his music to this day.

As with seemingly every Rick Ross interview, the obligatory 50 Cent question arises (22:15). Ross says he has nothing else to prove with respect to 50, and that 50 has “been the victim his whole life.” He cites 50’s bankruptcy, his inability to continue his success even with the help of Dr. Dre and Eminem and other things as evidence of his statement.

It’s only at the tail end of the interview (24:00) that Ross touches on his new album Black Market, released today (12/4), noting his record selection process and DJ Khaled’s A&R involvement. Take a look at the video, in full, above.

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