Run The Jewels Fuel The Real Life “Warriors” In A New Animated Video For Rubble Kings

Although neither El-P nor Killer Mike comes from the 1970s Bronx, New York, Run The Jewels is the perfect vessel to capture the angst, the pride, and the power in the street gangs of more than 40 years ago. Film documentary Rubble Kings is Shan Nicholson’s captivating look back. Mass Appeal attached a mixtape and a forthcoming official soundtrack (January 15, 2016).

One inclusion is the title track by R.T.J. For the visual, animation transports the viewer back to the era of the Kings, graffiti on metropolitan subway trains, debris all over the BX, and cars on cinder blocks. These are the real Warriors, recreated by 1970s-style animation, and Heads can see the similarities. Capture the essence of how the attitude, grit, and community of yesterday influences today:

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