RZA Raps On A Razor Sharp Remix Inspired By The Hateful 8 (Audio)

Adrian Younge has become one of the most successful Wu-Tang Clan affiliates of the 2010s. The producer/musician (and member of PRhyme) has made several heralded albums with Ghostface Killah in the 36 Reasons To Die saga. Additionally, the Los Angeles, California native has worked extensively with RZA and other Clansmen for years, doing compilation and soundtrack work.

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As Younge prepares to release Something About April II (January 22), RZA steps in to remix one particular song before the general public even gets to hear the original. “Hands Of God” (featuring Karolina and Laetitia Sadler, of Stereolab) is a presumably another one of Younge’s slow-dragging, cinematic pieces. Clearly, RZA felt a kinship to this song, and also drew from 8mm thinking. The man also known as Bobby Digital used Quentin Tarantino’s new film, The Hateful 8 for inspiration on the vocal and musical side. The Samuel L. Jackson-starring film is a modified Western, which nicely employs a Ennio Morricone stylized score. As Adrian tells it, RZA pulled from both Ennio’s work and his homie Quentin’s in making a gun-slinging ballad about chalking life up to Almighty fate. Lovers of production will surely enjoy this, as will fans of The Abbott’s rapping—which sounds especially deft on this reworking.


As RZA has developed a lot of producers (4th Disciple, Tru Master, Allah Mathematics, Bronze Nazareth, Cilvaringz), should Adrian’s Wu-Tang ties be more stated in the group’s sonic storyline?

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