Kendrick Lamar Meets With President Obama And Vows To Pay It Forward (Video)

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What a year Kendrick Lamar has had. In the last 12 months, he released his To Pimp A Butterfly album, spawning critical acclaim strong enough to generate 11 Grammy nominations and, more importantly, a soundtrack for an entire generation dealing with issues of race, inner conflict and police brutality. The furor about the Compton MC grew so loud, it went all the way to the White House, coincidentally and ironically the setting for the cover art of TPAB. In fact, in an interview with People magazine, President Obama went as far as to name Kendrick’s “How Much A Dollar Cost” as his favorite song of 2015.


Great art yields great access. As a result of the hard work and dedication he put into his craft, Kendrick was invited to the White House to spend time with POTUS. According to a new video Kendrick has released, the two men sat down and shared ideas about the importance of having mentors for young people, problems facing the inner cities and more.

“Pay It Forward” gives a glimpse of the impact the meeting had on Kendrick, and the inspiration it gave him. This is a great moment for Kendrick Lamar and for Hip-Hop, generally.

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