Mannie Fresh & Juvenile Say That A Reunion Album With Lil Wayne Is Underway (Video)

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Juvenile and Lil Wayne made up one half of the Hot Boys (with B.G. and Turk). Also on the 1990s Cash Money Records roster were the Big Tymers, featuring Mannie Fresh and Baby (n/k/a Birdman). In 2016, three star forces from those two entities appear to be coming together.

In an interview this week with, Juvenile and Mannie Fresh spoke about a planned album with Lil Wayne. The three artists worked together on major hits such as 1999’s “Back That Azz Up,” from Juvy’s 400 Degreez album. That same year, the trio would participate on hits such as Wayne’s “Tha Block Is Hot,” B.G.’s “Bling Bling,” and Big Tymers’ “Number One Stunna.” All four Mannie Fresh-produced singles appeared on the US Pop charts.

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“We already got some features! But [Mannie Fresh] gotta tell you,” Juvenile confirmed, in speaking about the yet untitled LP. “It was a long time comin’. What’s crazy is, most of [the reason it is happening] is the fans. The fans demanded this,” said Mannie Fresh. “To them, it’s iconic. [The fans told us], ‘It’s necessary that y’all go back and do this album, and even show the planet that whatever [tension] was going on with us, we can get over that, and be brilliant businessmen, as well as entrepreneurs. And put some money on the table, and watch the magic happen.”

The reunion plans come at a curious time. In 2014, Juvenile re-signed with Cash Money Records, after leaving the label more than a decade prior. Mannie Fresh, who has not produced on a CMR album for more than a decade, has reportedly re-established ties with his Big Tymers partner and label CEO Birdman. As for Wayne, the multi-platinum veteran is in the midst of an eight-figure legal dispute with his label home since the 1990s. Despite this, Wayne and Mack Maine were photographed with Birdman and Drake on New Year’s Eve 2015.

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Wayne has not publicly spoken of the reunion album.

Do you think this project will come to the light? Will it be released through YMCMB?

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