RZA Was Politically Correct About His Opinion of Martin Shkreli. Ghostface Is More Blunt (Video)

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The lore around Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, the album for which Wu-Tang Clan created a single copy and sold it to the highest bidder, has grown to be as fascinating as the music, itself. As many know, after a months-long process, the album was ultimately sold to controversial pharmaceutical executive, Martin Shkreli. Shkreli has a notorious practice of purchasing the rights to drugs which are vitally important to people and raising the prices on those medications exponentially. RZA, who was a part of the negotiations with Shkreli, has stated that he did not know about Shkreli’s business practices until well after the transaction was completed, and he’s made it clear that he does not agree with Shkreli’s methods. Skreli caught wind of some of RZA’s comments and responded by issuing threats to RZA to stop speaking about him in a derogatory manner, and calling the MC/Producer “arrogant.” Shkreli has since been arrested on charges of securities fraud, and there is a possibility the album may be confiscated by the FBI, if Wu-Tang Clan and Bill Murray don’t steal it first…

Wu-Tang Clan & Bill Murray Are Stealing Once Upon A Time In Shaolin From Martin Shkreli (Video)

To date, RZA has been fairly politically correct in his comments about Shkreli, choosing to disagree with his business practices, rather than attack the man, himself. Now, however, The Abbot’s Wu-Tang Clan brother, Ghostface Killah, has joined in the discussion and his word toward Shkreli are quite a bit sharper.

In speaking with TMZ, Ghost refers to Shkreli as “that shithead” a couple of times. He goes on to explicitly address Shkreli’s penchant for exorbitantly raising the prices of medications, noting that he doesn’t know the executive personally, but he thinks his business methods are “not right.” GFK also says that what Shkreli does with Once Upon A Time In Shaolin is “out of [his] hands,” but he would like to see the album given to the people.

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