Kxng Crooked & Statik Selektah Are Winning Against All Odds With Pure Hip-Hop (Video)

Over the last several weeks, Kxng Crooked (pka Crooked I) and Statik Selektah quietly have been releasing one amazing release after another. Rather than stir up controversy with Twitter beefs and other distractions, they’ve simply let the music talking, and it speaks LOUDLY. Today, they have released their album Statik Kxng, and as fate would have it, they likely will be competing for Hip-Hop dollars with Kanye West’s mega-hyped new album, currently called The Life of Pablo.

By coincidence (or is it…), Statik and Crooked also have released the video for “I Hear Voices” today, a song which carries a Statik-rapped refrain of “like we always do at this time, I came to shine, I came for mine,” a clear nod to West’s song “Good Life.” As usual, Statik lays down a soul canvas on which Crook paints a perfect picture of sly references, clever similes and layered double entendres. In fact, while many claim the title of Picasso, few rise to the level of Crooked’s artistry.

You can purchase Statik Kxng here.

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