Kid ‘N Play Discuss Being Some Of The Earliest Innovators in Hip-Hop Fashion (Video)

From the beginning of their careers, Kid ‘N Play have been trendsetters. They were among the first to craft Hip-Hop songs with big hooks, they were pioneers in Hip-Hop dance, and they led the way for Hip-Hop stars in Hollywood film, with their seminal House Party franchise. In addition to those accomplishments, one of their unsung attributes is their lasting impact on fashion. Not only did they have sweeping influence on the look and dress of fans across the land, they also actively worked behind the scenes in the business of fashion.

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As they travel the nation as part of the “I Love The 90s” tour, also featuring acts like Bell Biv Devoe, Salt-N-Pepa and Color Me Badd, they stopped by the Sway in the Morning show to discuss their decades-long career. As explored in their episode of Unsung, the pair recall their beginnings–Play as the stick up kid and Kid as the nerd–and their early days of music.

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At the 8:20 mark, the conversation moves to less charted territory. Play discusses a clothing line he had in the late 80s, making him a predecessor to others who later went into fashion, like Kanye West, Jay Z, Sean “Puffy” Combs, and even Russell Simmons. Play not only made his own clothes, he styled other celebrities, such as Martin Lawrence on Def Comedy Jam, and just missed shaping the look for Jodeci, due to time constraints. He also designed the colorful and iconic jackets Salt-N-Pepa wore in their “Push It” video. It’s in this section of the conversation that the artists also discuss the impact that Kid’s trademark high top fade had, noting its resurgence today with athletes like Iman Shumpert.

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As the conversation progresses, it shifts to the ups and downs of Kid ‘N Play’s relationship and some of their other, less heralded accomplishments, such as their producing the theme song for Martin. It’s a quick but compelling retrospective of the paths of two enduring icons.

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