Nobody Beats The Biz Markie. This Documentary Trailer Shows Why (Video)

For more than 30 years, Biz Markie has been a Hip-Hop multi-threat like no other. The Long Island, New Yorker raps, DJ’s, produces, dances, acts, and sings. While the B-I-Z would ultimately pave the way for everybody from Digital Underground to Devin The Dude, Gnarls Barkley to The Pharcyde, he did so in a way that was PG-13 (if that), and with a strong level of soul behind the costuming, whimsicality, and effortless showmanship.

An upcoming installment of a documentary series, titled “Docu-series,” looks at Biz, one of Hip-Hop’s true artistic constants. The film trailer features Grand Daddy I.U. (who Biz would mentor and sign to Cold Chillin’ Records) as well as Maino, who represents just how far-reaching Markie’s influence goes. The trailer shows the Juice Crew MC performing, being interviewed in the ’80s, and includes commentary from those he grew up with on just how he made it happen—before the “vapors.”

These are the same folks who delivered the recent “Docu-series” on Rakim, an artist who B-I-Z battled in high school.

Spotted at Grand Good.

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