O.C. & AG Embrace Their Years Of Experience & Say They Are Only Getting Better (Audio)

Hip-Hop has not been good to its legends. Instead of being celebrated, artists who helped build the culture are often relegated to the background or cloaked in backhand terms like “Old School.” The practice of ageism has been ingrained in the culture from its earliest days, and continues even though the genre is now 40 years old. While many MCs are still making quality music, for those who started their careers in the 80s or early 90s, they often struggle to find platforms where they can be heard. O.C. and AG of the Diggin’ In The Crates crew, are two such artists who have been around for 25+ years, and are still making neck-snapping songs. In their latest D.I.T.C. release, they tackle the issue of ageism head on.

“Lost In Time,” from the upcoming D.I.T.C. Studios album, is a middle finger to the eye of any who disbelieve age is anything but a number. O.C. kicks things off with a confident verse where he says he doesn’t chase trends, he sets them. He also asserts that, because of his status, he stays touring, and with age he’s only gotten better. As he goes into the hook, he says “me and my team are immune to such talk as old school. The truth is we’re in our prime.” AG picks up where O.C. leaves off, saying “I’m never lost. Just in tune with an era where everything was better. We forever be well known. From beepers to cell phones, don’t wear Kobe’s or Curry’s. I rock the shell toes. So when I hear ’em saying Biggie, Jay Z or Nas, I’m like ‘Nah, G Rap, Daddy Kane and Ra.'” They close out with the haunting loop of “we will never be lost in time.”