Common Still Loves H.E.R. Watch Him Breakdance While The Roots Play (Video)

During The Electric Circus and Like Water For Chocolate tours, it was not uncommon to see Common Sense bust out some B-Boy moves during his sets. That was 15 years ago though, and also well before the Chicago, Illinois MC/actor won Oscars and Golden Globes. Now a household name, juggling a music career with many other ventures, Comm’ proves he’s still got all the right moves.

The Def Jam Records MC appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon last night (April 11). There, he and Ice Cube appeared to perform collaboration “Real People” live for the first time. However, on perhaps a bigger note, as Common discussed tearing his pants on the dance-floor at Gabrielle Union’s wedding, Fallon points out that his current pants look durable.

With The Roots riffing on the familiar “Apache” (by The Incredible Bongo Band), Common does a few maneuvers on the spot and proves that his love affair with Hip-Hop includes more than just one element.

#BonusBeat: The first televised performance of “Real People,” backed by The Roots crew:

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