DJ Quik Says Kanye West’s Celebrity Supersedes His Talent & Challenges Him (Video)

Yesterday (April 19), DJ Quik and Problem announced they were releasing a joint EP today, titled Rosecrans. The project, which is named after the storied street that travels through the entire city of Compton, links two generations of Hub City MCs. While promoting the release of the EP, DJ Quik stopped by NOAH TV, with Problem, and was asked his thoughts on Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo album. In answering, Quik’s response was far from PC or diplomatic.

“Kanye’s so scared, he don’t know what to do with the fucking Life Of Pablo. Let’s just keep this shit all the way fucking 100,” Quik begins. “His celebrity supersedes his talent right now,” he continues. “He’s a Kardashian now. What the fuck?” Quik expands on his remarks, saying “This is a challenge. This ain’t a diss. It’s just a challenge. Make your best music, because fans aren’t stupid.” Quik ends his assessment with a an extremely explicit speculation on where he thinks Kanye’s head is these days, and it’s tied to his wife’s anatomy.

Given West’s response to his mistaken belief that Wiz Khalifa was attacking him on Twitter, it will be interesting to see how and if he responds to Quik’s “challenge.”

You can listen to all of Rosecrans below, and purchase it here.

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