From Slaughterhouses To Junk Yards, Joell Ortiz’s Lyrics Wreck Shop (Video)

Joell Ortiz is a product of his environment. The pride of Brooklyn, New York’s Cooper Houses has rhymed about bodegas, fistfights, and a litany of tight situations. With his Timberlands laced up, the Slaughterhouse MC loves maintaining that 1980s and 1990s reputation when the Big Apple wasn’t so sweet, and alluding to the rough-and-tumble circumstances he came up in. This message matches the gruff delivery of the lyricist’s dazzling verses.

In the visual for single “Last Man Standing,” Joell surrounds himself in a junkyard where wrecked cars are shredded, and jagged metal twists and bends before being recycled. There is nothing recycled in Ortiz’s That’s Hip Hop single verse, as he pushes a line about being the best in the game, now and for years to come.

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