Grand Puba Is Releasing His First Album In 7 Years. Here’s The New Single (Audio)

When Grand Puba recorded One For All with Brand Nubian in 1990, he quickly became one of the most highly-regarded MCs in Hip-Hop. Puba’s high-pitched but laid back flow wrapped itself around beats with witty quips and clever punchlines. He also often weaved in socio-political themes and conscious narratives, along with his partners Lord Jamar and Sadat X. His stint with the crew would be short-lived, however, as he broke from the group after the album, and did not return until 1998’s Foundation. During his time away, he had breakout singles like 1991’s “Fat Rat,” from the Strictly Business soundtrack, and 1995’s “I Like It,” and clearly established his viability as a solo artist.

Grand Puba has released 4 solo albums, in total, but it’s been 7 years since his last LP, Radioactive. That will all change next week with his latest project, Black From The Future, on April 15. Puba says about the album, “The day my people wake up is the day I no longer have to make songs and until that time comes, party on!”

Black From The Future’s latest single is “It’s Been A While.” The reggae-tinged track is produced by Puba, himself, and features him with a message of uplift. “Kings and queens, not hoes and fiends. Don’t believe everything you see up on the screen. Nowadays it seems like it’s all about the green, but it don’t mean a thing without the red and black in between,” he raps. Welcome back.

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