KRS-One Sounds Off On Da Police As Swizz Beatz Nods To B.D.P. (Audio)

KRS-One proves to be the perfect MC for Swizz Beatz’ massive remix for “Jason.” The 2015 video single which originally featured Jadakiss gets Boogie Down Productions’ “The Bridge Is Over” percussion, and a fiery Blastmasta Kris taking on the crimes of the police department in the 2010s.

The MC who famously penned “Sound of da Police” and “Black Cop,” as well as “Stop The Violence” sounds off on cops, and the poor treatment that his community faces from law enforcement. He challenges a few other institutions in this high-profile outcry against oppression. Two giants of Bronx, New York Hip-Hop come together for social change on what is one of the biggest moments for both artists in a minute.

Those Ruff Ryders and B.D.P. chants from Swizzy only make this moment all the more energetic.

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