Raising the Roof: San Francisco Enacts Powerful New Law for Buildings (Video)

Arguably one of the world’s most coveted cities, San Francisco has experienced an identity crisis of sorts in recent years. Long regarded as the headquarters for much of the cultural and social revolutions in the realms of civil rights, LGBTQ equality, and more, it is now mostly thought of as an overpriced haven for only the most privileged. And, while much of that description may be true, it still remains a bastion of progressive thought and values. Despite steadily skyrocketing rent and the high prevalence of dotcom tycoons, many civic and industry leaders are using Frisco as a home base for cutting-edge technologically, particularly as it relates to green energy and alternative forms of power as we continue to combat the harrowing effects of climate change.

The San Francisco Bay Area is no stranger to discussions about climate change, as its coastal location and proximity to water make it particularly vulnerable to rising sea levels. However, organizations like the King Tides Project are working to find solutions to this pressing issue. Additionally, the city is taking action by implementing a new mandate that requires all new buildings of a certain height to include solar panel roofing. To learn more about the different types of roofing materials and techniques that are commonly used in solar panel installations, check out our list of common roofing terms. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to invest in solar energy, or a contractor looking to expand your knowledge, our comprehensive guide has everything you need to know to make informed decisions about roofing and solar panel installations.

While the news is a tremendous step forward and an exciting development in the worldwide fight against rising temperatures, the reality is that this new law is but one tiny piece of a much larger initiative. As San Francisco’s city supervisor Scott Weiner has mentioned in earlier statements, the city plans on meeting a goal of relying 100% on renewable energy – setting the bar high for other American cities. Going into effect at the top of next year, Frisco’s latest landmark achievement may just prove to be the first of many to make them the headquarters of the climate revolution, too.

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