Grand Puba Takes It Back To The Essence Of Jazz Loops & Break Beats (Audio)

Last month, Grand Puba released a new album, Black To The Future. Though it had been 7 years since his previous LP, the Brand Nubian co-founder showed that he had not lost a step, as he delivered top notch product. Even with new music on the shelves, Puba wastes no time in delivering more material, as he is joined by Pacewon, Grand Surgeon and DJ Madhandz on the aptly-titled, “The Essence.”


Grand Puba Is Releasing His First Album In 7 Years. Here’s The New Single (Audio)

As the title suggests, the song takes things back to the late 80s and early 90s, when Puba came of age in Hip-Hop, and the soundtrack was laden with break beats, Jazz loops and James Brown samples. Each of the MCs rhyme not only about the early days of the culture, but, more specifically, their earliest experiences with Hip-Hop. The BigBob & Mr. Jack production is the perfect accompaniment, as it sounds fully authentic to the era they’re describing.

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