The Return Of Rage Against The Machine Appears To Be Prophetic.

It has been five years since Rage Against The Machine played a concert together. The Los Angeles, California mainstays of Zack De La Rocha, Tom Morello, Brad Wilk, and Tom Commerford have not released an album since late 2000’s cover collection, Renegades. That being said, the onetime Epic Records outfit who has worked with Rick Rubin appears to be up to something.

For The Second Time In 15 Years, El-P & Zack De La Rocha Will Be In The Lab Extensively

The group apparently launched countdown site, The page counts down until June 1, presumably leading to content, an announcement, or both. The site shares its name with a It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us back song by Public Enemy. At press time, that site appears to be experiencing server issues.

GZA, Tom Morello, The Roots & Crazy Legs Are All In Together (Video)

Notably, within 24 hours of the web property going live, P.E.’s Chuck D tweeted some Rage video footage. With the web launch, Pitchfork reports that cities—including L.A. are seeing posters for the site, some with the hashtag #TakeThePowerBack. That tag alludes to a song from the band’s 1992 debut album.

To date, Public Enemy and R.A.T.M. have never released any collaborative material.

In recent years, Zack De La Rocha has worked with Run The Jewels on the video single “Close Your Eyes And Count To Fuck.” Tom Morello has worked with GZA, Raury, and LL Cool J, outside of his work with The Coup’s Boots Riley in Street Sweeper Social Club.

Recently, artists including Drake and Beyonce have released albums without much warning as part of groundswell campaigns.

June 1 is a Wednesday.