This Killer Mike Interview Shows HE Should Have Run For President (Video)

Last year, Killer Mike set the Internet ablaze when he announced he was running to be a Georgia State Representative. Though the campaign was short-lived due to a technicality, the excitement was palpable, not just because the man born Michael Render is a beloved MC, but because, for the last several years, he has proven himself to be one of the most insightful and intelligent commentators on Politics, History, Race and other Civic matters, in any field.

Killer Mike Is Running For Georgia State Representative

After spending much of 2014 advocating for police reform, in the wake of the killings of Michael Brown, Eric Garner and others, Render spent a large part of 2015 rallying on behalf of Bernie Sanders. However, a recent interview with DJ Vlad shows that in considering the Georgia State Rep. position and lobbying on behalf of another presidential candidate, Mike may have been selling himself short.

Killer Mike Schools Stephen Colbert on Systemic Racism in America & How To End It (Video)

In the nearly 17-minute clip, Mike dissects American and global politics, capitalism, socialism, communism, classism, race and nearly ever other discipline used to explain and/or dictate relationships between human beings. He does this so clearly, compellingly and convincingly that it begs the question “why has he not run for president, himself?” In an election cycle filled with misfits, outcasts and outliers, the plausibility of such a campaign is certainly not unfathomable and, more importantly, the policies which he articulates are fleshed out, well-founded and likely aligned with a substantial amount of people in the nation.

When asked why he got into politics, Mike instantly replies “Ms. Ellison, 9th Grade Civics.” From there he is off to the races, explaining why Bernie Sanders’ policies align with Dr. Martin Luther King’s philosophies, why Bill Clinton’s presidency did more harm to African-Americans than good, why none of capitalism, communism nor socialism has been ideal for the societies in which they were implemented, and much more. It is a mesmerizing and refreshing breath of fresh air for anyone who is tired of politics as pageantry and truly interested in policy being described more complexly than what is allowed in dog whistle sound bites.