The Sky Is The Limit For A-F-R-O As He Freestyles His Way To Fallon (Video)

A-F-R-O (All Flows Reach Out) may appear to be a purebred Underground Hip-Hop MC. The California native has surrounded himself with veterans like R.A. The Rugged Man and GZA—artists who always favored appeasing cult followings over pandering for mainstream attention. However, even before his acclaimed Tales From The Basement mixtape or important role in Vh1’s The Breaks, A-F-R-O was an attention-getter on the small screen. The Queen Latifah Show played host to one of A-F-R-O’s breakout moments, freestyling beside the Flavor Unit queen in 2014 (who pulled props from a box).

Now, in 2016, A-F-R-O’s consistency continues to beckon network TV appearances. Last night (June 15), the MC appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The host says he saw A-F-R-O’s lethal lyricism on YouTube freestyles. He brings the artist (who just released his first EP single with Marco Polo) to the show, and busts out the props. All Flows gets to work, weaving in references to steering wheels, pineapples, and more—showing that he can always find the right rhyme, at the right time.

A-F-R-O’s Razor Sharp Flow Cuts Right Into Vinyl Grooves. Literally. (Video)

Reportedly, this will be a recurring series for the weeknight NBC program. A-F-R-O is blowin’ up, just like we thought he would…