Put Some Respek On My Bed…Birdman Sleeps On $1 Million Cash Every Night (Video)

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What a year it’s been for Birdman. The Cash Money capo has been embroiled in a bitter and bizarre lawsuit with his flagship artist, Lil Wayne, for the better part of 18 months. In January of 2015, Wayne sued Cash Money records for $51 million and since, there have been ebbs and flows in the tension, with Birdman, in particular, often suggesting that there was no real problem between the two men and it was all the subject of misunderstanding and media hype.

It’s the End of an Era. Lil Wayne is Suing Birdman & Cash Money Records for $51 Million.

More recently, the man born Brian Williams was embroiled in a tense exchange with The Breakfast Club’s Charlemagne The God, in a two minute clip that took the social media world by storm. Birdman, who had been upset by some of Charlemagne’s prior commentary, came with one simple message: “Put some respekk on my name.” Since then, those 6 words have become the stuff of legend, having created an entire genre of memes. While some thought they were mocking Birdman, he laughed all the way to the bank, as he created and sold T-shirts with the catchphrase he coined.

Yesterday (June 28), Williams appeared on ESPN’s Highly Questionable in an interview that, if not equally entertaining, was certainly more informative. What may have been lost in some of the antics of the last 18 months and Birdman’s lavish lifestyle, generally, is the fact that he is a man who has overcome tremendous obstacles to achieve his position in life. Noting that he was an orphan at an early age, Birdman said of himself as a boy, “I was just a little lost youngster, in the ghetto, trying to find my way.” He also speaks about how going to jail help turn his life around. “I learned about the Bible when I went to jail. When I learned about the Bible, it just changed me as a person. It made me want to be something; be something with my life. ‘Cause, before that, I really didn’t care about life. My life or anybody’s life…It didn’t matter.”

Birdman Is One Of The Forbes Five Wealthiest Hip-Hop Artists

One of the more striking stories he told in the interview was of what he did when he got his $30 million deal from Universal Music Group, at the age of 19. “I went straight to the car lot,” he said. “I took my project and as many who was with me to the car lot, and I bought 50 cars. Everybody who had a license, I bought a car for. That was something I wanted to do. That was something I felt we needed, ’cause ain’t nobody had nothin’…We needed that break and God blessed me to give it to ’em.” When asked about the wisdom of spending so much money that way, Birdman responded matter of factly, “I really didn’t think about none of that. It didn’t matter to me. I was really just happy to still be alive.”

On a lighter note, when asked if it were true that he used to sleep on $1 million in cash, Birdman replied “I still sleep on $1 million cash. That’s just a factuation for me in life. I do that, and I’mma do that ’til I die…I got a million dollars on my mattress, under my sheet. I just feel the need to do that. I was fortunate to be blessed to be able to do it, and I sleep on it every night with my Versace bed spread on top of it.” When asked about the safety of having so much money in his room, Williams said with a smile, “well, if you coming in that room, you ‘gon get the bizness, either way it go.”