Joe Budden Found The Drake Fans That Were Harassing Him & Went To Their Home (Video)

Last weekend, a video of several teenage boys trespassing in Joe Budden’s driveway went viral. Apparently motivated by the ongoing beef the Slaughterhouse MC has with Drake, these teens swiftly approached Joe while in a car in his driveway—calling the Shady Records artist a litany of profane insults. When the veteran rapper promptly exited his car and charged the teens (who recorded the events), things got real, fast.

The incident would end with Joe outside of their vehicle, rocks in hand. He scolded the Drake fans on why they made a huge mistake, and the two parties appeared to part without physical altercation. Appearing on “Hot Ones,” Joe Budden revealed that what those lenses captured is not the whole story, or where it ends.

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Budden told Complex’s Sean Evans that the video took place at approximately 7:30am Sunday morning (July 24). “I wasn’t very coherent, ’cause I’m not normally coherent without my morning coffee—my morning ‘cup of joe,'” explained Joe, including a pun. “So I get in my car, and I look to the left, and there’s fuckin’ two kids outside of my [car] door with a fuckin’ camera.” Budden admits that he could not hear all of what the teens were saying to him. “Then they stayed and started chantin’ some shit—I think it was Drake lyrics.”

Upon approaching the car, Joe says his first reaction was to “kill” the trespassers. On inspection, Budden realized who the crazed fans actually were. “But then I realized, they were children.” Joe says that he went to get coffee, believing the incident was over. When he returned to his New Jersey home, the teens were there—with reinforcements. “They spent the entire day—they went and got their friends; I don’t know, maybe it was a Pokemon [Go] spot or some shit. I don’t know [why they did this].” Budden further details this prank-gone-wrong. “What they kept doing is they kept parking three houses down. So I didn’t know that. I was just chasing them. I chased them, and then when I realized they were kids, I stopped. Then I saw them get in the car and they drove off, and I thought that’d be the end of that. And then they continued to do that for the rest of the day. Then, ’cause I’m super petty in my head and had absolutely nothing better to do on a Sunday, said, ‘I’ma catch one of them lil’ niggas, and I’ma bring them in there, and I’m gonna beat they fuckin’ ass.'”

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Revealing his initial instincts, Budden tells “Hot Ones” that after his Rap peers Rick Ross and Troy Ave have been arrested and subsequently charged for similar, alleged acts of retaliation, he decided against violence—or using weapons to show his sincerity.

“It could’ve all [ended badly]—’cause I’m a little off [mentally and emotionally]. So when you filter your craziness, you come up with: let me chase the kids with rocks—and gave them a stern warning. The initial footage captured Joe outside one car, with a handful of rocks trying to do—as he called “warn” the teens. However, the incident does not end there. “So that’s what I did. Then I went to their house the next morning.”

Joe Budden used the Internet to find at least one home address of the trespassers and return the favor. However, the MC says his motivations were parenting, not revenge. “I have a 15 year-old. These kids were 15, 16—I [later] found out. If my kid were behaving in a manner that would get his fuckin’ head popped off, I surely hope a parent would come tell me. So that’s what I did.”

Budden continues that he spoke to the mother and four protective brothers of one assailant. “I had my conversation with all of them, except for the gentleman who was doing the fuck-shit the day before.” The MC says they reached what he calls a “nice understanding,” leaving the message of, “If y’all don’t [rectify this], I’m at your house.”

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Joe did add in the excerpt clip that he has found the resulting discussion and memes surrounding the viral videos to be “hilarious.” The rapper’s most recent verbal attack on Drake, “Just Because,” released this past weekend.

The full episode of Joe Budden’s appearance on “Hot Ones” is expanded to release soon.