Joe Budden Reminds All He Built His Career On BARS Not Beef (Video)

Joe Budden has been dominating headlines for the last several months, almost exclusively due to his ongoing, and increasingly one-sided war with Drake. As the events of the past week showed–with overzealous Drake fans harassing Budden at his own home, and Budden returning the favor–the feud has taken on a life of its own. Now, after nearly a month straight of onslaughts, Budden puts the beef aside, for a moment, and reminds that when all is said and done, he’s about Hip-Hop.

Joe Budden Found The Drake Fans That Were Harassing Him & Went To Their Home (Video)

Joining Funkmaster Flex for the latest installment of his freestyle series, Budden proceeds to wreak havoc over the scorching “Breathe” track Just Blaze produced for Fabolous. He makes not a single mention of Drake, and only a passing reference to some of the trolls he’s faced, likely as fallout from the fracas.

Budden rhymes so passionately and aggressively that he loses his way more than a couple of times, but no matter. It’s a crystal clear reminder that he built his career on BARS, not beef.