Stakes Is High: An MC Freestyles While Dangling 100s Of Feet In The Air From A Crane (Video)

It is a safe bet to assume that most of the Hip-Hop world is not presently familiar with James Lanning. However, this Brooklyn, New York-based MC does something that few—if any—of his peers can, he raps while hanging on for dear life. As many rappers metaphorically may do this, Lanning is filmed in New York City—rapping quite well, while dangling from a crane beam. If he falls, one can only imagine what terrible things could happen. If his raps aren’t good enough to advance his career, the stunt is meaningless.

Throughout history, MCs, DJs, breakers, graffiti writers, and beat-boxers have gone to great lengths to stand apart from the pack. Using social media to his advantage, James is no different.

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This gives new meaning to the term, “stunt” in Hip-Hop.

#BonusBeat: Heads looking for a little bit more daredevil rhyming, beyond the 30-second clip can check this “One” video from earlier this year:

James Lanning’s digital catalog features a number of tracks, including some older material of him rhyming over DOOM and Stoupe (Jedi Mind Tricks) tracks.