Tish Hyman’s Striking Soul & Flow Are Reminiscent of Lauryn Hill In The Best Ways (Audio)

Bronx, New York native MC/singer Tish Hyman made a lot of noise in 2015 as the first female to conquer Sway In The Morning’s “5 Fingers Of Death.” More than just accepting the freestyle challenge, Tish bodied five beats and made a fast name for herself, amidst some new circles.

Today (July 12), Tish releases Dedicated To:. This self-released album finds the writer for Alicia Keys, Kanye West, and Kelly Rowland packaging some of her standout songs, including “Subway Art” into a proper body of work. Moreover, The Roots-cosigned artist involves Fabolous and Ty Dolla $ign, who appear together on video single “Dreams” (posted below).

Songs like “All That I Can Do” and showed Tish’s powerful, unique vocals and writing that stands apart from her class. “Lesbehonest” is pained storytelling that opens up courageously. “4 Letter Word” is more up-tempo Pop, without compromising personal writing.

Tish Is the First Woman MC to Do the 5 Fingers of Death Freestyle. She CRUSHES It (Video)

#BonusBeat: Tish released a video for “Dreams,” featuring Fab’ and Ty:

This Will Make You Think Twice the Next Time You Walk By Someone Down on Their Luck (Video)

This project is released on Hyman’s own Listen2Tish imprint.