45 King Gives His Rhythm Roulette Records A Truly Hard Knock (Video)

45 King is one of the most active Hip-Hop producers of 2016 who can say he was making hit records in the 1980s. He joins Dr. Dre, EPMD, Marley Marl, Prince Paul, Large Professor, and a very select few in that elite class. The New Jersey native has always had the ability to dive deep for grooves, and arrange drums and samples in a way that made MCs sound in the pocket. From Queen Latifah to Eminem, Eric B. & Rakim to Blu, artists want to work with the legendary DJ, remixer, and producer.

The latest guest in the Rhythm Roulette series, 45 King shows some of his unconventional methods. Blindfolded in the record store (Summit, New Jersey’s Scotti’s), the O.G. makes no secrets about his unhappiness with the records he grabbed. Sticking just to a Jazz crate, Mark grabs joints by Weather Report, Sonny & Brown, and one other. As he scans the vinyl for some riffs to hook into, the disappointment grows. “Aw, come on!” 45 King proclaims when he finds his moment—buried inside one of the records.

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The same man who produced “Hard Knock Life” and “The 900 Number” starts beat-boxing the drums against the slice of vinyl he take. His direction is clear. However, dissatisfied with what is available to him, the New Jersey native records sounds he makes with the actual vinyl (not playing it). Using his phone, 45 King records the whoosh effect from one record, and captures the percussion of slamming the other against his desk.

Not only is this particular Rhythm Roulette episode intriguing, it’s especially. funny too.

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