Rah Digga Burglarizes A Beat With Break-In Bars (Audio)

Last month, Rah Digga was among those celebrated at “Hip-Hop Honors.” The Jersey City, New Jersey veteran MC took the stage during a mega-medley and celebrated a career that has lasted nearly 20 years. Now independent, “Dirty Harriet” proves she’s still got imperial flows, and lives to shine on a sample-rooted beat.

“The Ski Mask Way” bares no relation to the mid-2000s 50 Cent track. Instead, she teams with Planet Asia affiliate and Gold Chain artist Lyric Jones for a stronghold lyrical performance. Digga kicks things off with the kind of bully-rap verses that colored her debut LP, and work with Reflection Eternal and Busta Rhymes. Lyric follows the form with a confident delivery, stating herself as an accomplice to the crime in rhyme.

Sean Price & Rah Digga Join Koolade for a Tall Glass of Hip-Hop Heat (Audio)

Premiered at HipHopDX, Non-Phixion/La Coka Nostra’s DJ Eclipse provides the scratches for the Backpack Beatz track.