Another Scarface Remake Is Planned For The Near Future

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February 1, 2017 UPDATE: Approaching six months after Antoine Fuqua was first attached to the latest remake of the film Scarface, the director has stepped away from the project. Variety reports that the director of Training Day and Brooklyn’s Finest disassociated himself from the film, which is still in pre-production, due to a scheduling conflict. The latest adaptation of the Scarface archetype will reportedly center around a Mexican immigrant living in present-day Los Angeles, California. Previous Scarface remakes have told the story of a Italian, and Cuban protagonist, respectively.

The Original August 11, 2016 Report:

Whether through lyrics by Jay Z, Big Pun, and Nas, or the sample to Mobb Deep’s “It’s Mine,” Brian De Palma’s 1983 version of Scarface has had a profound impact upon Hip-Hop. Al Pacino’s portrayal of “Tony Montana” is iconic, complete with unforgettable dialogue quotes, Miami luxury fashion, and the ultimate fall from the top. From the Geto Boys to the Coke Boyz, everybody seems to idolize the higher points of “Tony’s” rags-to-riches reign as a violent drug kingpin. Like its 1932 Howard Hawks original, the film produced one of the most enduring antiheroes of cinema.

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Scarface may soon be getting a third life. Director Antoine Fuqua (Training DayBrooklyn’s FinestSouthpaw) is reportedly shopping the latest adaptation of Scarface to Universal Pictures. According to Deadline, Jonathan Herman, responsible for much of the Oscar-nominated script to Straight Outta Compton, has set the “Tony Montana” protagonist in present-day Los Angeles, California. Deadline also reports that the immigrant premise of the protagonist will be kept as it was in the first two films. Hawks portrayed “Tony Camonte” as an Italian immigrant, while De Palma adapted “Tony Montana” as a Cuban refugee. Notably, both actors (Paul Muni and Al Pacino) were Italian-American.

Herman revised and built upon a script said to be drafted by Paul Attanasio (Donnie Brasco) and David Ayer, who wrote Training Day. Also signed on is Marty Bregman, who produced the 1983 Pacino rendition and managed Pacino at the time of production. Bregman was deeply responsible for the second film’s creation, following Pacino seeing a screening of the black-and-white original. Both films are packaged together on the 2011 Blu-Ray double disc release.

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The latest remake of Scarface has been in development since 2011. Antoine Fuqua is premiering The Magnificent Seven in theaters next month. That Western, reuniting Training Day‘s Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke, is a remake of John Sturges’ 1960 film of the same name.

#BonusBeat: Trailers to the first two films, respectively:

Universal was also the studio responsible for the 1983 version.