Action Bronson & Alchemist Show They Are Descendants From The Stars (Audio)

Over the years, Action Bronson and Alchemist have shown themselves to be a potent combination. With his gritty and soulful style, the veteran producer is the perfect fit for Bronson’s who has regularly excelled when provided with such a sonic tapestry. The two have worked together on a number of occasions, including their 2012 collaborative mixtape, Rare Chandeliers. Now, Bronson and Alan The Chemist have reunited on “Descendant Of The Stars.”

Action Bronson’s Latest Is A Blue Chip Off Of Biggie & Super Cat’s Block (Audio)

The track is the theme song for Bronson’s wacky VICELAND series, Traveling The Stars, where he invites friends and cohorts to contemplate mysteries of the universe (e.g., Dinosaurs and Aliens), typically in a severely “enhanced” state. The song doesn’t necessarily track the themes of the show, but it is fully in line with AB’s trademark unfiltered stream of consciousness where he wreaks oral havoc. As usual, Alchemist provides a heavy supply of boom bap drums and a piano loop chopped to perfection.