Isaiah Rashad Shows The True Meaning Of “Money Ain’t A Thang” (Video)

After releasing a promising EP two and a half years ago, today (9/2) Isaiah Rashad has follow up with his long-awaited debut LP. Despite it’s name, The Sun’s Tirade, the album is chock full of laid-back soulful groove music, built more for head-nodding than turning up. Lead single “Free Lunch” was an early indicator of what to expect, and “4 Da Squaw,” the album’s opening track, fully sets the tone for what’s been on Isaiah’s mind in the time since he’s been away.

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In several interviews leading up to the album’s release, Rashad has been extremely candid about both his struggles with substance abuse as well as the fact that, despite his increased fame, he is not yet financially in the place where money is of no concern. He’s also spoken at great length about wanting to spend a good amount of time with his two children.

The video for “4 Da Squaw,” delves into some of those themes, depicting a no frills afternoon where Rashad is seen enjoying an afternoon with his son. They walk, fish, watch a street performer and generally bask in each other’s company. Throughout, superimposed graphics show the amount of money the Rashads have on them, as well as many of the people around them. As the dollar signs swing from high net worth to overwhelming debt above those around them, Isaiah and his son hover around zero. By the end, however, it’s clear that money can’t appropriately value the time they share.