Nas’ Album Is Done & The Video Is MAJOR

DJ Khaled’s latest album is a three-ring circus of Rap excitement. Major Key has Jay Z throwing subliminal shots in the directions of those testing his prowess. The #1 release has Drake re-popularizing an Akinyele street single just as he did for Rappin’ 4-Tay a few years back. However, for many, the most exciting moment on Khaled’s first effort with Epic Records is “Nas Album Done.”

The song, featuring a Fugees sample, intentionally takes Nas back to a time in his career when he was working with Lauryn Hill, and label-mates with the New Jersey trio. Speaking his supreme brand of street wisdom, Nasir Jones appears ready to just focus on spitting, following conceptual efforts such as Life Is Good and Distant Relatives. This has the Queens, New York superstar back in the ring where he’s hoisted a few championship belts.

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For the video, Nas also blends his ’90s reign with his current run. Naturally, DJ Khaled plays a heavy hand in the eight-minute mini-movie style music visual. While Hype Williams does not direct (Eif Rivera and Khaled do), this certainly alludes to those big budget millennium videos. Tropical location, check. Wardrobe changes, check. Speed boats, check. Character actors, check. Making a song come in vivid cinematography, check.

Beyond that, Nas goes back to his Belly feature film (which Williams directed). Jamaican actor Louie Rankin (“Lennox” a/k/a “Ox” in the film) appears to reprise parts of his role in some exchanges with Khaled here.

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Promoting an album through a song on another artist’s #1 LP, that’s a major key.