Redman’s 1000-Volt Flow Keeps Microphones Lit (Audio)

Earlier this year, Redman released a record unlike any other in his past discography, the EDM-inspired “Lights Out.” It was the debut single from 1000volts, his newly formed musical partnership with Los Angeles producer Jayceeoh. Also a world-renowned DJ, Jayceeoh’s relationship with an industry veteran like Reggie Noble is the stuff dreams are made of, and despite the experiential distance between them, their chemistry continues to result in envelope-pushing sounds for the both of them.

Redman Keeps It All The Way Real On “Wus Really Hood” (Video)

Today (September 26), the two unload “Bitch, I’m Lit,” and it is as high energy as its predecessor. Presumably featured on the duo’s yet-to-be announced debut project, the song has elements of Dubstep, a genre often seen as a sister to Drum & Bass. Heads may recall that, back in 1998, Red linked up with legendary D&B producer Roni Size on “I Got a Seecret,” from the former’s Doc’s Da Name 2000 album.

In speaking with Complex, Red described today’s release as “Trap meets Hip-Hop for the marijuana movement,” with Jayceeoh singling out the “real rhymes, hard beats, and a hypnotic drop” as the song’s signature elements.

For a limited time, the song will be available as a free download here.