Redman Keeps It All The Way Real On “Wus Really Hood” (Video)

For the entirety of his 25+ year career, Redman has been nothing, if not all the way real. The Newark, NJ native has never put on airs or changed who he is for anyone, whether it be radio, record companies or MTV. Last year, Redman spoke in depth with Combat Jack about the importance of maintaining the integrity of his brand and staying true to who he is, saying “A lot of artists try to implement some of the new wave into they situation. It works and [does not] work, because, sometimes the fans, they want originality. They want that artist that they grew up with. Like Redman, [the fans] couldn’t see me doing any Trap music—even though I’d air that shit out; I’d air anything out…I keep a level head from my circle, and my kids, and just making the right decision [to] keep the Redman brand going…I have survived this long with the method that I’m doing, so why to fix what ain’t broke?”

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In his latest video, Reggie Noble reminds just how potent that raw and uncut can be. Going back to 2015’s Mudface album, he dusts off his banger “Wus Really Hood?,” and goes to work. In a visual with gives zero frills and even less effs, Red does what he does best: breathes fire over a bombastic beat.

One particular section says it all. “Never sell out. Remain true to my era. Masta Ace letter to the better. When Special Ed jumped out the Jetta, when Eazy-E hung with Jerry Heller, before OJ said “I’m a killer,” I was murderin’ cats and they ain’t have a clue. Even now I turn cats to Chinese food.

Real talk.