Vinnie Paz Is Releasing A New Album To Fill A Void In Hip-Hop (Video)

Always one to embrace and shine light on the roots of Hip-Hop culture, Vinnie Paz has enlisted Diggin’ In The Crates’ very own Buckwild on his new single, “The Void.” The single presents a hard percussion-driven beat that brings back the classic D.I.T.C. sound while fitting Vinnie’s aggressive delivery perfectly.

It’s been a relatively quiet year for the Jedi Mind Tricks front man, but this song has him coming back on the scene with a bang.


The visuals are just as rugged as the song itself. Filmed entirely in Philadelphia, it also features Eamon singing on the hook. The singer collaborated with Vinnie on last year’s Jedi Mind Tricks single “Fraudulent Cloth,” off of the album The Thief & The Fallen.

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The new single also comes with the announcement of Vinnie Paz’s upcoming album, The Cornerstone of the Corner Store (October 28, 2016). The album will feature some all-time greats like Ghostface Killah, A.G. & O.C., and features production from Buckwild, C-Lance, DJ 7L, and of course Vinnie’s Jedi Mind Tricks musical partner, Stoupe.