Run The Jewels Release The First Single From RTJ3 & It’s Another All-Out Assault (Audio)

It has been two years to the month since Killer Mike and El-P released RTJ2. The pay-if-you-wish encore set from the Atlanta-to-Brooklyn super-duo came at a time where both MCs’ careers benefited from each other, and making some of the biggest music of their lengthy tenures.

RTJ3 now appears upon us. The upcoming album includes single “Talk To Me,” the first full song released. Thanks to Adult Swim’s singles program, it hits the bricks first. Within, Mike Bigga tells the story of bribing his way past TSA, delving into conspiracy theories, and why he’s forever a “rhyme animal, pitbull terrier.” El-Producto follows, playing with the popular expressions of “[insert person] did not do [insert great act] so you could do [insert wack habit].” Naturally, the MC/producer (who did make this track) has a field day, basically stating to all wack MCs and listeners that he did not come this far to give up, or go soft now.

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Although there is no release date announced yet, Heads know when Run The Jewels arrives, its usually by ambush.