Evil Dee & Joell Ortiz Give Ras Kass’ “Etc.” An East Coast KNOCK (Audio)

Earlier this year, Ras Kass celebrated the 20th anniversary of his debut album, Soul On Ice. The LP broke new ground by combining a deep dive into philosophy, religion and politics with true West Coast Gangsta Rap. Sadly, many of its themes of police brutality, racial oppression and divisiveness among people remain today.

Soul On Ice: Ras Kass Reflects On His Groundbreaking Album 20 Years Later (Video)

As part of an ongoing look back at the album, Ras Kass commissioned Da Beatminerz’s Evil Dee to remix “Etc.,” track 6 from Soul On Ice. In addition to a new beat courtesy of Da Beatminerz, Joell Ortiz has also re-fashioned the hook. The result is a soulful, boom bap version of the track.

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Evil Dee said of the remix, which premiered on Ego Trip, “Working on the ‘Etc.’ remix was dope. I wanted to have a ’90s feel to it, so I chopped up a sample, added some ill drums and mixed it almost the way we mixed our records back in the day. Other than the beat, the other change was the hook. Joel Ortiz added some extra dopeness to the hook. Understand the flavor, that’s a dope hip-hop record right there. Word!” Indeed.

In September, Ras Kass also honored the 20th anniversary of Soul On Ice with the release of its sequel, Intellectual Property: SOI2.