Rhymefest To Transform Kanye West’s Childhood Home Into Studio & Arts Center

For more than a decade, Kanye West and Rhymefest have made substantial records together. The two Chicago, Illinois representatives first caught the Grammy Award wave during writing and demo’ing “Jesus Walks,” and followed with tracks including the fully-actualized collaboration “Brand New,” as well as lots of writing together. In addition to a cemented Rap career and political and social devotions, ‘Fest (aka Che Smith) is the creative director for Donda’s House.

The non-profit named after Kanye’s late mother is devoted to educating the youth on the arts, across multiple mediums. This weekend, Rhymfest revealed that West’s childhood home has been purchased, and will be devoted to recording music, housing a Chicago music museum (with attention particularly given to the city’s Southside), and host classes as an overall arts incubator.

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According to the organization’s website, the studio was an important place for the foundation’s namesake: “Dr. Donda West provided the necessary recording equipment in her home and is remembered for asking ‘is that your truth?’ to the young artists who frequently visited.

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In an Instagram post, Rhymefest made the announcement from the steps of the home that would produce one of the 2000s biggest musical forces.

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Those interested in supporting the efforts can donate to the non-profit.