Meagan Good Is Reprising Pam Grier’s Role As “Foxy Brown”

More than 40 years since Foxy Brown was released to theaters, the film continues to permeate popular culture. Pam Grier’s  portrayal of the fearless Black heroine who avenges her husband’s wrongful death has inspired a Quentin Tarantino homage, a Rap moniker for Inga Marchand, and an iconic Willie Hutch film score/soundtrack. Following working together on a number of films including 1971’s The Big Doll House and 1973’s Coffy, director Jack Hill and Grier kept their chemistry alive in a film also starring Antonio Fargas and Sid Haig. Although it featured strong sexual situations and violent imagery, the film also dealt with racism, sexism, and other 1970s social elements. Now, Foxy Brown will be adapted into a series. According to Deadline, the title character will reportedly be played by actress Meagan Good (Think Like A Man, Anchorman 2, Saw V).

Foxy Brown is the latest narrative to reach media surrounding strong Black figures taking on oppressors, including white males. This year, Marvel released Luke Cage in partnership with Netflix. Meanwhile, Black Panther—a mainstream comic from the same 1970s that made Grier a household name, is being adapted to film starring Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan. The Nat Turner Rebellion story came to screens as Birth of a Nation, the same title previously used for D.W. Griffith’s 1915 work, which is recognized for not only its pioneering film achievements but its brutal racist commentary and stereotypical portrayals of Black people.

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The series, which has not been aligned to any network as of yet, will feature writing from Empire’s Malcolm Spellman. Today, Grier is part of Bounce TV’s digital film distribution company (Brown Sugar) responsible for broadcasting films including 1974’s Foxy Brown. According to OkayPlayer, Rick Ross is also an ambassador in the company.