Cam’ron Talks Jim Jones Beef For The Last Time. He Says Dipset Is “Over” (Video)

Hip-Hop is in a climate of reunions. A Tribe Called Quest shocked the music world last month with a secretly recorded album, their first in 18 years. After more than 20 years away from album-making, Pete Rock & C.L. have confirmed an LP for 2017. The L.O.X. have inked a deal with Jay Z’s Roc Nation, promising to release the trio’s first full-length since Y2K.

One reunion that will not be happening is The Diplomats. According to Cam’ron, once credited as the president of Dipset, he and Juelz Santana are cool, Juelz and Jim Jones are cool—but the group (also including Freekey Zekey) is a wrap. Speaking with Angie Martinez December 1, Killa Cam’ put the plans of a proper third Dipset album to bed. In his own brand of metaphors, Cam’ron compared his crew to The Cosby Show. “‘Theo’ don’t hang with the ‘Rudy’ no more…the show’s over!”

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At 17:00 into the interview, the platinum MC opened up about why he and Jim Jones (the self-proclaimed ‘Capo’ of Dipset) are no longer friends. In the interview, Cam’ron alleges that this may be the last time he ever speaks on Jones, who, after Cam’ron, built a strong solo career independently, before signing with major labels. In the discussion, Cam’ points out that Jones is a Bronx, New Yorker with family ties to Harlem. Moreover, he calls the rapper who appeared on 1998’s Confessions Of Fire debut as a “hype-man” from his past. The Diplomats reunited in 2010, signing a reportedly sizable contract with Interscope Records (and photographed in the studio with Dr. Dre while there). Cam’ points out that was almost seven years ago, and nothing has happened, an indication of the Dips status. “There’s no reunion,” says the former Roc-A-Fella Records VP and star artist.

The particulars of the beef are murky. Cam’ron calls foul on some of Jim’s actions surrounding his friend on social media, particularly Instagram. Additionally, there appears to be spite involving Cam’s friendship with former Jones foe-turned-acquaintance Mendeeces of Vh1 reality TV fame.

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Where things may get interesting to music Heads is where Cam’ compares his relationship with Jim Jones to his relationship with Big L, Ma$e, Herb McGruff, Bloodshed and their group—Children of the Corn. “A lot of people be like ‘all y’all [Diplomats] grew up together,’ because of music. But realistically, I didn’t grow up with Jim [Jones]. We got cool right when the music was poppin’ off,” he says beginning at 25:00 in. “What people need to realize is this: if you Google a group called ‘Children of the Corn’ or ‘C.O.C.,’ I grew up with Big L. I grew up with Huddy 6 (of Harlem World), I grew up with Ma$e—and these are the people that I used to rap with when I was rappin’. So Jim came kinda right when things was about to pop off.” Cam’ points out that his Rap roots—which began on Big L’s 1995’s Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous album (“8 Iz Enuff”) are not something Jim Jones can relate to. “[Children of the Corn] are people who used to go battle and go to different blocks. I remember Jay Z comin’ to battle Big L on 139th Street in my park. I was standin’ right there; it was amazing. So Jim caught it right when it was business time—which is fine. I’m not dissin’ him for it, I’m just tellin’ the facts. And it looked good for business.”

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According to Killa, Jim was a hype-man who evolved to a business partner, and later found success with Dipset, and eventually his own Koch Records solo career. “Me and Jim always been friends [since the age of 20 or so]—I’m not sayin’ he wasn’t my man or nothin’, but business-wise, we grew as business partners together. And it was dope. All this [success] should be house money for Jim—everything; [he] wasn’t a rapper.”

Cam’ ends the subject by stating his family ties, but dismissing all plans of armistice or Dipset reunion 2.0. “I wish him nothing but the best. I love his mother; she called me a few weeks ago to come to dinner—even his sisters, I speak to his sisters. I wish him nothing but the best. But I’m not gonna just lie to you and act like something’s gonna happen that’s definitely not gonna happen.”

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On albums, Cam’ron and Jim last worked together on late 2014’s We Own The Night Pt. 2: Memoirs Of A Hustler by Jones.

Elsewhere in the interview, Cam’ron discusses his upcoming Dr. Phil-inspired reality TV show in the works for MTV.